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How do I configure MacOS X for dial-up?

MacOS X comes with everything you need to get connected, including a web browser and an Internet email client. No additional software is required to use the Internet but feel free to use whatever Internet Applications you're more comfortable with.


  • MacOS X
  • 56k v90 Modem
  • VISI User Information Sheet

When you have met all these requirements, follow these steps to perform the installation and configuration.

To begin configuring your computer for internet access, pull the Apple Menu (located in the upper left corner of the screen) down, and select "System Preferences". This will open the System Preferences application, which allows you to configure a variety of system options. This is similar to the "Control Panels" folder that you may have used in the past.


Within the System Preferences window, there is an icon called "Network". Click once on the Network icon. The window will expand, displaying several pull-down menus and tabs that we can use to configure your computer to connect to the Internet. MacOS X is configured with most network settings preset. As a result, the amount of configuration that you will need to do is minimal.


On the "TCP/IP" tab, select "Using PPP" from the "Configure" menu. Enter the VISI DNS server addresses in the "Domain Name Servers" box. These addresses are "" and "". Enter "" in the "Search Domains" box.


Click on the "PPP" tab. For "Service Provider" name, enter "VISI." Enter the two VISI dialup telephone numbers (612-332-5401, and 612-332-5400) in the blanks provided for telephone numbers. For VISI National Dialup, place the phone number for the location you will be dialing from. Enter the VISI email address that you were assigned in the "Account Name" box, and enter your account password as well, to allow your computer to automatically connect to the Internet whenever you use software that requires an Internet Connection. Next, click on the "PPP Options" button.


VISI suggests that the first 7 checkboxes are checked, however, you are free to adjust settings regarding idle timers and prompting to remain connected if you wish. Click "OK".


Click on the "Modem" tab. Select the modem of modem that you are using. If you modem came built into your Macintosh computer, the name is "Apple Internal 56k Modem". Be sure to have dialing set to "Tone", and the checkbox specifying to wait for dial tone before dialing checked.


MacOS X Mail

MacOS X comes with its own Mail client, which appears as a postage stamp icon in the Dock. Configuring MacOS X Mail provides information for getting this client configured to check your VISI mailbox.