Tecmark Focuses on Core Competencies, Using VISI as Managed Hosting Partner

TecMark Case Study

The Company: 

Consumer loyalty marketing expert, Tecmark, Inc.

The Challenge: 

Tecmark needed a SAS 70-certified data center provider who stayed current on the technology industry’s trends to offer the best products and services available.

The Solution: 

VISI’s managed hosting and monitoring allow Tecmark’s staff to focus on the business’ core competencies.

The Results: 

Through its partnership with VISI, Tecmark has been able to make strategic decisions necessary to maintain the company’s vision: delighting customers with superior service and premier technology.


The Company

At Tecmark Inc., customer loyalty isn’t simply part of the equation -- it is the equation. Founded in 2000, Tecmark is a growing force in the arena of loyalty marketing consulting.


St. Paul-based Tecmark offers boutique-caliber flexibility and service alongside cutting edge technology platforms. The goal: to help businesses target, engage, reward and retain customers.

The Challenge

When it comes to technology, Tecmark’s management believes in staying ahead of the competition; and helping their customers do the same. The loyalty marketing industry is continually evolving, and Tecmark has made it a point to keep pace with the trends.


The only problem? Full commitment to a core competency based on continual evolution demands a whole lot of capital -- both human and financial. Tecmark’s existing data facility was becoming increasingly expensive and outdated. For a company focused on savvy business strategy and the next big thing, this simply wouldn’t do.


In addition, industry requirements mandated that Tecmark use a SAS 70- certified data center. Maintaining SAS 70 certification is smart business, but it can also be costly.


Unfortunately, investing resources in the training, development and infrastructure of a SAS 70-certified in-house data center would have been at the expense of Tecmark’s core competencies. Unwilling to sacrifice top-notch service and quality, the Tecmark team made the decision to outsource their data needs to the experts.

The Solution

Tecmark’s management put out an RFP, and VISI’s proposal stood out from the crowd. Today, VISI provides managed hosting and monitoring for all of Tecmark’s client-facing production applications.


Tecmark went live with VISI in July 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. If they were to look back, it would be to marvel at the day that Tecmark transitioned from its old managed hosting facility to VISI. "The actual implementation was quite an orchestration," says Sue Poulsen, Tecmark’s Vice President of IT and Operations. "It was done over an eight-hour period and was quite complicated, but we didn’t lose an ounce of productivity or system availability with our clients throughout the process. That was very impressive."

The Results

Before working with VISI, Tecmark had too many secondary issues (antiquated hardware among them) pulling resources away from crucial day-to-day operations. By outsourcing these secondary issues to a third party expert, Tecmark has been able to get back to its core competency.


In VISI, the Tecmark team has found more than just a managed hosting facility: they’ve found a partner. "VISI has done a phenomenal job of guiding us on strategy, helping us see where potential pitfalls might be and partnering with us to navigate around those pitfalls," says Poulsen.


Tecmark’s management has found that nothing reconciles internal debates and process decisions quite like the support and guidance of a seasoned -- and objective -- third party expert. VISI’s strategic assistance has helped Tecmark clarify a vision for its IT infrastructure needs. The capable execution of that vision? That’s the icing on the cake.


And if something does go astray with one of Tecmark’s customers, VISI’s managed hosting and monitoring tools enable fast detection and response. "VISI puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the system is always up and always available, and they’re incredibly cooperative," says Poulsen. "In short, VISI is a gem."


With the backing of seasoned experts and a SAS 70-certified facility, Tecmark can continue to do what it does best: delight customers with superior service and first-rate technology. With VISI on their side, Poulsen says, "The success of the project speaks for itself."

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