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How do I create a Outlook 2007 email account for the first time?

Step 1 - Create a New Mail Profile using the Microsoft Exchange 2007 email client.


From the Start Menu choose Control Panel.  Then, double click on Mail (Microsoft Office Outlook Profiles).


The above dialogue box will display three options, select Show Profiles.  You will see a list of your current Exchange 2003 and 2007 mail client profiles.  Select Add or New, as shown below.


A dialogue box will appear called Email Accounts.  You will then choose the radio button next to Microsoft Exchange POP3, IMAP or HTTP (this should be selected by default) and then select Next.


Then a Add New E-mail Account dialog box will appear.  Type in your name, e-mail address (if known), then type your password in the next two fields.  The Exchange 2007 auto-discover feature will then auto-provision your E-mail account.  exchange07_10 

You will then be able to send and receive email using your new Exchange E-mail service.