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How do I download a FTP client?

Although there are basic FTP capabilities within your web browser, if you're going to be transferring a lot of files a real FTP client will be needed. VISI currently supports FireFTP, and the FTP clients found on our UNIX shell servers. Use the FTP client that you are most comfortable with, but be aware that VISI can only support the clients listed above.

You can download FireFTP at  Please note that FireFTP is an extention of the Firefox browser


There are also several FTP clients available from your UNIX shell account. ftp and ncftp are the most commonly used ftp clients on the server. Note that if you're attempting to use the UNIX ftp clients to transfer files to your home or work computer, you will need to be running a FTP server for the client to successfully connect. The UNIX FTP clients are useful for transferring files between VISI servers and other servers on the Internet. If you're attempting to download files to your home or office computer, it is suggested that you run the client on your own machine.