Cloud Services

VISI's ReliaCloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform designed to support your most demanding applications with heavy compute/memory/data IO requirements. Traditional business applications, the type of applications which require the utmost in reliability and scalability of the underlying computing infrastructure, are ideal candidates for ReliaCloud. 

Specifically designed for high-availability, scalable performance, and comprehensive security, ReliaCloud is architected and integrated with enterprise-class technology from Cisco, EMC, and VMWare. ReliaCloud is designed with flexibility to transition you completely to the cloud or provide access to resources as needed - including computing capacity, storage, security, routing, switching, and other components. 

VISI's cloud computing networking infrastructure supports integrated data and storage networking and advanced load-balancing and firewall capabilities. ReliaCloud also leverages extremely robust data storage systems from EMC. These VMAX enterprise-class storage systems allow ReliaCloud to support nearly any type of application workload you could need.

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The ReliaCloud platform utilizes only best-in-class hardware and software from Cisco, EMC, and VMWare.  It was specifically designed for high-availability with enterprise-class functionality and security, all backed by a 100% SLA.   Read More

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