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Tier III Design Certified


In evaluating data center infrastructure, business requirements must be taken into consideration. Is the business requirement for disaster recovery? Or is a 24x7x365 production environment required?

The availability, or uptime, of a facility is the first factor in aligning requirements with tier. Uptime Institute provides guidelines for representative availability based upon data center tier infrastructure.

Tier III Design Certification 

The Uptime Institute Tier Classification provides performance-based benchmarks to align business requirements with data center design. VISI’s Eden Prairie Data Center is design certified by the Uptime Institute as a Tier III facility. Tier III facilities offer uptime, thus availability assurance, to support the critical demands of production environments and critical applications.

VISI’s Eden Prairie Data Center is designed to meet the demands of a concurrently maintainable infrastructure, with N+1 configured critical components deployed throughout the design. Organizations can rest assured that VISI’s Eden Prairie facility provides the most redundant and available commercial data center environment in the Twin Cities.

What Makes Tier III Different? 

The Tier III design employs a concurrently maintainable infrastructure. This assures that if any one critical data center component is removed through planned maintenance or component failure, service will not be interrupted.

Through the redundancy and concurrent maintainability in infrastructure, Tier III data centers provide the required availability and uptime to meet the service level agreements and uptime to support mission-critical applications and 24x7x365 production environments.

Uptime Institute Predicted Availability by Data Center Tier 



Representative State Availability 1 

Expected Data Center Downtime in Hours Per Year

Tier I



Tier II



Tier III



Tier IV



1Source: Uptime Institute

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